Hope For Healthcare: Vote for Dr. Andrew Weil

I'll be the first to admit talking politics is just not my thing. You have to take a course in legal lingo to REALLY understand it. However, you cannot read a paper or watch T.V. without seeing the personal toll its taking on...

My Sister's Wedding

Have you ever forgotten the date of a special event? How about procrastinating to buy presents? There's always the positive side of things. You just have to get passed the rush!

Take A Deep Breath

We are living without adequate oxygen. How can you improve your oxygen consumption and live a healthier life? Read on...

Alli and Xenical Safe? NOT!

Why in the world would someone want to use a a product that may be harmful to their health? The FDA seems to think its o.k..


Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalates are two chemicals that leach into the food we eat via plastic bottles (baby bottles/sports bottles), sippy cups, utensils, non-stick-pots and pans, canned food...). These chemicals should be...

Food To DYE For

As you begin to make healthier food choices, you may want to use this list, ., to familiarize yourself with various additives in foods that effect your health.

Let's Talk "Dirty"

All too often we hear about saving the planet by recycling or reducing carbon emissions. But we do not hear much about saving our soil. The importance of having healthy soil in its natural state to grow our food is critical to...

To Supplement or Not To Supplement?

Too many people take supplements without communicating with their doctors or understanding the potential harm of natural supplements. Before taking supplements, it's important to play it safe by utilizing resources that can help...

Grapefruit, Great Fruit!

A natural component of grapefruit (Naringenin, a flavonoid) has been found to help burn fat and improve health by lowering high cholesterol, increased VLDL and elevated triglycerides, improving the clinical outcomes of Hepatitis...

Preservatives Beyond Trans Fats and HFCS

Look out for preservatives lurking in your food. While most of us focus on calories, carbs and fat, companies add preservatives and other chemicals to our food that can have a detrimental effects on your health.

Top 5 Forgotten Superfoods (Five)

The next “food” is last but not least. It is a food I mentioned before. Number five on my list is the egg. You can read my blog on June 19, 2009 “The Yolk is no Joke” to review the health benefits. But eggs have so much more to...