Feeling Uncomfortable? Trust Your Gut & Feel Good

Is your gut giving you a "hard" time? Are you constipated, gassy, bloated or experience unexplained diarrhea? Pay attention to these symptoms do not ignore them. None of this has to happen if you just trust your gut.

Why You Need To Drink Water & Be Happy– Now!

Water does a body good.  Clean, clear refreshing water keeps you hydrated. In fact, it drives energy, helps support a youthful appearance, contributes to peak sports performance and weight loss. 

Are You Still Afraid To Eat Eggs?

YES! There is no denying eggs are loaded with cholesterol. But, this is a good thing because cholesterol does the body good. Eggs & The Cholesterol Connection In the past, cholesterol was thought to be the primary link to...

Prostate Cancer Crushed With Keto Diet

Prevalence of Prostate Cancer According to The American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer affecting men. Skin cancer is number one. While prostate cancer is typically not deadly for the 165,000 men...