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Hope For Healthcare: Vote for Dr. Andrew Weil

On a personal note: I’m back! It took me a week to recover from the things I ignored up ’til the wedding. The wedding was great, my sister and my children did not leave the dance floor. I danced as well as possible in my shoes (almost the whole day). We laughed, we cried and spent time with the ones we love. It seemed everyone had a great time.
I am now ready, clear mind and lots of energy to put towards blogging!
I’ll be the first to admit talking politics is just not my thing. You have to take a course in legal lingo to REALLY understand it. However, you cannot read a paper or watch T.V. without seeing the personal toll its taking on Americans. This country suffers from the greediness and bullying of those who control the purse strings. These people/industries who pay to lobby, fund, etc…have the biggest say when it comes to politics and unfortunately legal decisions about our healthcare.
We are in a big mess at least when it comes to economics, the auto industry, real estate and healthcare. You do not have to read legal lingo to understand this at all. Last week I watched Larry King’s show on Healthcare. I wanted to blog but fell asleep. Sorry guys.
Andrew Weil talked about certain health issues and healthcare reform, If you do not have time to watch the video, you can quickly read, I enjoyed listening to him and could not stop trying to picture what he’d look like in a santa suit. No offense Dr. Weil. You would be happy to hear that trying to imagine you in a santa suit was not meant to be offensive. It actually had a happy calming affect on my nerves while thinking about the topic of politics and healthcare. Most importantly, Dr. Weil made sense and seemed to make practical points about how to better our healthcare system.
I vote for Dr. Weil or a team of physicians, allied health care professionals and representatives from the general population to help reform healthcare. It will be the best way to make the changes that we need because the bill will come from those who actually understand the costs and other intracies of current health care, those that live under the pressures of big business insurance companies while trying to care for patients and from “we the people” that are in need of good healthcare coverage. Those who oversee healthcare reform should be from a team who cares, not medical/political puppets. There must be accountability and protection from greed especially when it comes to our lives.
As a country, we need to read the fine print and understand the politics and consequence (good and bad) for all bills and legislations before being passed. If what CNN says is true, “5 freedoms you’d lose in Health Care Reform”, we have a lot to worry about.
Anyone want to share some solutions?

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