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My Sister's Wedding

Hi Yall!
I know I usually blog about ways to achieve good health. But not today. Today is the day I realized my sisters wedding is on Sunday. I knew the festivities started Labor Day weekend, but in my crazy mixed up mind Labor Day was two weeks away, not next week. Why do I do this to myself?
This means the rush is on…well I guess it’s only on for the next 5 days but still it’s a rush. My dress arrived today, you think they can hem it by Friday? Gotta dye my shoes, find jewelry and get my hair done.  I have to get the three kids ready with shoes, accessories, you know the whole nine yards. This is coming from someone who went to buy sneakers for her toddler and walked 3 hours in the mall and found not one pair of shoes. I laugh now, but then I was too tired to do anything but take a nap. 
I sure hope you all can relate, maybe the men out there can show a little support. I’d hate to think I’m the only airhead on the planet. But seriously, I am not an airhead. I just act like one sometimes becuase I’m preoccupied with my daily schedule of work, kids… Everything will work itself out, it always does. And ya know what, my kids always look as if they stepped right out of the pages of a magazine; everything and everyone is coordinated, the kids love to dance, see relatives they never knew existed and see more of the family we see frequently. I can hardly wait to celebrate. Its been awhile since I’ve been dancing and you know dancing is great exercise!
The best part of it all, it means we’ll be on the road so much, I won’t have time to cook…well I’ll rephrase, the best part for me, my husband is not gonna be happy when we get the credit card bill. Love ya sweetie 🙂
Gonna be up tonight organizing myself and cruising the net to find stuff, wish me luck. If you do not hear from me during the week you know I’m in the car, or a store, or the bathroom (the little one is potty training –thank you G-D! But I’m not sure if it would just be easier if the potty training started after the wedding).
I’ll likely be back next week to give you a quick down load, if not before. I’ve been thinking of some interesting topics to blog (you’ll have to wait for the surprise) on but in the meantime, if there is anything you want to better understand about health, weight or a any topic I can help you with, I’d love to hear from you.

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