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Every time I turn over a new stone, I ask you to turn over a new leaf. Well, I am at my breaking point and promise my next topic will be powerfully positive! But for now, I gotta spill my beans.
We live in a toxic environment, our food, food containers, car exhaust, synthetics, advancements in technologies….all polute our environment and our bodies.
Bisphenol A (BPA) and Phthalates are two chemicals that leach into the food we eat that absolutely must be avoided at all costs. Plastic bottles baby bottles, sports bottles, sippy cups, utensils, non-stick-pots and pans, and canned food are just a few items.
Get this, research shows that both these chemicals may reduce fertility because of effects on hormones, for both women and men.
BPA has been linked to disrupting estrogen and Phthalates disrupt testosterone resulting in poor sperm count and poor quality of sperm. “In one highly publicized study, pregnant women with higher levels of phthalates were more likely to bear baby boys with subtle genital changes — namely, a slightly shorter distance between the anus and scrotum.”
In addition to the hormonal effect, “individuals with BPA in their urine were more likely to have a higher rate of diabetes, heart disease, and liver toxicity”.
Matthew Hoffman, MD has done a fantatsic job summarizing the facts and providing many helpful options, As you can see it is not that difficult to lower your exposure to these chemicals.
Quick Tips
Breast feed your baby or use powdered formula
Avoid bottles and plastic containers that are marked with a number 3 or 7, or the letters PC orPVC.
Use glass or stainless steel.
Avoid non-stick cookware or avoid high heat above 500 degrees.
Avoid microwave popcorn because the “safe” bag is not so safe.
I hope this gets you one step closer to better health.

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