Reviews and Testimonials

Paul Kita

Men’s Health Magazine

“Men’s Health has incredibly high standards for the dietitians that we turn to help our readers. For that reason, we turn to very few dietitians. But we regularly turn to Valerie, who has a commanding ability to translate the latest research into clear, concise, surprising advice for everyday application.” Check out Paul Kita at Men’s Health

Jonny Bowden

“The Nutrition Myth Buster”

Valerie knows her stuff she’s one of the top nutritionists I know.
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Colette Heimowitz

VP Nutrition Communication & Education at Atkins Nutritionals

Valerie’s knowledge in the area of nutrition contributed informative, accurate content to Atkins training materials, published works, and web site content. Her dynamic speaking skills were an asset to the marketing team and her friendly demeanor helped her connect with audience participants. A pleasure to work with.
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Jimmy Moore

Author, Marketer, And Entrepreneur at Less of Moore, More or Less, LLC and Owner, Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Blog

Valerie Goldstein is an enthusiastic representative of whatever she is most passionate about. I’ve worked with her in the field of nutrition, diet, and health and I can personally attest to the fact that she takes ownership of the knowledge she possesses in this area and makes people feel like they are a part of something much bigger than themselves in the way she presents the information. A gifted communicator and tireless researcher into the content she provides, Valerie is an invaluable asset to anyone looking for a leader who is unafraid to take charge and make things happen.
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Ellen Briggs

Founder, CEO at Family Food Experts

Valerie is not only an astute nutrition expert, she is an accomplished author, speaker, panelist and great mother of three young ones. She is a valued member of our Kid Kritics Approved Seal Ingredients Standard Board, and, is called upon as one of our Family Food Experts. Valerie’s knowledge, dedication and experience continues to motivate and help men, women and children to lead healthier lifestyles. Check out Ellen Briggs!

Brittany Risher

Senior Web Editor, Shape Magazine

“Valerie is a pleasure to work with. She speaks for herself, giving fresh, realistic advice, rather than the canned RD answer. She stays on top of the latest nutrition and weight-loss science and pulls her tips from this research, so you know you can trust her.”Check out Brittany Risher at Shape Magazine

My Consumer Education, Marketing, and Public Speaking:


Olivia Bell Buehl

Author, Writer, Editor, Ghostwriter, Writing and Editing Consultant & Business Owner

Valerie is a well trained and experienced nutritionist, who works well as part of a team and with patients.
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Lisa Dodson

Associate Publisher Clean Eating Magazine / Central Market Advertising Sales Manager

Valerie is a dedicated manager who brings research and education full circle for the company and consumers.
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Ron Nolan

Eastern Regional Sales Manager KingBio

I had the pleasure of working with Valerie while working for Atkins Nutritionals. Valerie and I traveled and conducted consumer information and consumer educational seminars through out the US. Valerie is extremely knowledgeable and a very good public speaker. Her work ethic is beyond reproach. I would be honored and happy to work with her again at any time.
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Susan Samora

Director of Merchandising at Atkins

Valerie was excellent at research and insuring our claims to our readers and consumers were accurate. She was very focused in her work and was a valued member of the team.
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Client Testimonials:


Jesse W.

“Valerie is an excellent nutritionist. She combines knowledge and compassion to create an effective nutritional plan. She’s flexible and responsive, providing the needed support to stick to your nutritional plan.  She creates motivation, working with your unique needs, to improve your health and nutrition goals.”

Julio L.

“We have fit bits, calorie counters and even virtual dietitians all designed to improve our diet experience.  All of that is great, as long as you want to continue to have dependency.  What Valerie offers you and delivers is 100%  independency.

How? Well she is extremely knowledgeable, yet is still a student of the game, very easy to confide in, yet will hold you accountable for your actions and non-actions.  She asked me all the right questions, did her own due diligence to get a holistic view of my health and sports performance needs and prepared an individualized plan that was unique for me.
The eating plan was targeted to improve my health matters (high blood pressure and high cholesterol) and the diet was “masked” in the sense that  I swore it would not possibly work because I enjoyed everything about it down to the timing of my meals.
In no time, I was seeing results, not just on the scale and in the mirror, but my overall health, stamina and zest for life.  Her vitamin supplement prescription had me feeling like my body received a tune up.  My sports performance was better than ever.
Valerie was not my first dietitian, but it was certainly the first time I connected with a dietitian on so many levels.  The program was easy to follow, fun to do, and impactful beyond my expectations.  Valerie has intangibles that you just can quantity, and a conviction that is contagious.  If there ever was a dietitian whisperer… Valerie is IT!

Cathy M.

“Valerie worked with me “under my conditions”, making weekly appointments for discussions over the phone. I would keep a log of my eating and drinking, my exercise and my moods and email these to Valerie before our telephone appointment. Valerie offered helpful suggestions on tailoring a nutrition plan for me and my lifestyle. There was mutual respect which helped me greatly as I moved forward. I would highly recommend Valerie to anyone seeking help with nutritional concerns.”

Suzanne H.

“After 1 week I lost eight pounds. Valerie’s diet was easy to do, and she is brilliant. She will find the issue you are struggling with and help get you on the right path–painlessly. She even saved me a lot of time, I no longer have to cook tons of different recipes and buy tons of hard-to-find foods in order to get the weight off. And she helped me recognize where I was sabotaging myself.”