Valerie Goldstein – Featured in Men’s Health

In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2016, researchers looked at the association between cholesterol and egg consumption and coronary artery disease (CAD). They concluded that neither was...

A Halloween Candy Scare!

You can get lost in a sea of Halloween candy. Which is the better pick, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or licorice? You might just be surprised.

3 Ways Eating Fat Increases Longevity

Clear your mind of “fat-free”, “low-fat” eating and you will live a long healthy life. It is not easy to overcome the low-fat brainwashing we have endured over all these years but it is a necessity for optimal weight, wellness...

Dr. Oz’s “And My” Guide to Anti-Aging

Dr. Oz spent an entire show on aging, The show describes the aging process starting in your 30’s through your 50’s. His show was interesting.

3 Anti-Aging Nutrients Missing From Low Fat Foods

Eat real foods that contain fat because they contain nutrients that low or non-fat foods DO NOT have. Expanding your eating choices to include a variety of foods that contain all types of fat can reap many anti-aging benefits...

Is The Fountain of Youth Within Your Grasp?

If genetics is only partly responsible for the aging process, what then is the largest contributor ? Lifestyle. Yes in one simple word, lifestyle is the key to staying younger.

Have You Heard of HBOT?

HBOT helps restore blood supply to tissues and aids in developing new networks of capillaries. "Re-oxygenation", its' direct influence on genes and its anti inflammatory actions are reasons HBOT is therapeutically successful and...

Human Hosts Transplants Promote Health (2/2)

Poop is not the only place healthy bacteria live. Microbiota transplants (MT) from different body regions have proven equally helpful at supporting good physical and mental health.


On the heels of my last two blogs on supplements   and , I thought it might be appropriate for this week’s banter to include a dose of whey. The “whey-in”on whey as a protein supplement is that has proved...

Supplement Safety (Part 2 of 2)

Buy brand specific pharmaceutical grade supplements or companies that follow USP or GMP standards. These brands ensure continuity between what is stated on the label and what is contained within the supplement.