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A Gift of Choice For The Holidays

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Happy holidays to all!
Rather than reading my blog this week, I thought you may want to sit back, relax and watch a few videos. The goal is to help you revolutionize your thinking and choices about what to eat.
I am strong proponent of eating to fuel. Use food! Use food to your advantage. Use food to feel your best, control your weight, health and sports performance.
Each video listed is ground work for eating more fat and less commercially prepared carbohydrate products. These videos support the use of a ketogenic diet for different needs; including cancer, obesity, cholesterol and sports performance.
Chris Masterjohn, vegetarian turned carnivore shares everything he learned about nutrition and why animal fats are good for you,
Low carb diet: Fat or Fiction,
Lucia Aronica, PhD, talks about the influence of diet on genes:
Many cancer cells thrive on glucose (carbs), eliminate the cancer food eliminate the cancer as well.
Dr. Fred Hatfield,  tells his personal story about how he stumbled upon a ketogenic diet after he was told by 3 doctors that he only had months to live.
Andreas Eenfeldt, Low carb high fat diets treats obesity,
Eric Westman, weight loss on a ketogenic diet;
Andrew Weil shares insight on obesity and its underlying hormonal causes underscoring that there is no scientific evidence showing that fat drives obesity.
Dr. Jonny Bowden (rogue nutritionist) and Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist, on the Dr. Oz show, talk about cholesterol myths: and
Bill Davis, cardiologist and author of Wheat Belly,, dishes out the truth on heart disease and many illnesses connected to “healthy whole grains”.
RD Dikeman, type 1 diabetes:
Jason Fung, type 2 diabetes:
Professor Manny Noakes on a high fat diet and sports performance:
Jason Fung, explains muscle “non” wasting:
Watch “The Doctors” on television contribute to  perpetuating fat myths. This is irresponsible and not based on the facts. This is a perfect example of why people are so confused about what to eat. Do Not believe everything you hear or read,
As we approach the New Year, do not make a resolution to diet.  Make a change or changes to improve the nutrient density in your meals.  Food is a powerful fuel that influences more than just energy and weight. Your health depends on natural real foods that include fats as you minimize unhealthy carbs.
There will be friends, family and health experts who just can’t seem to open their minds and can’t actually accept the truth. For millions lowering or cutting carbs is a path to wellness, weight loss and improved quality of life.
I hope you enjoyed one or all of these videos and that they help you in some way to:

  • better your food making decisions
  • improve health
  • inspire you
  • provide support
  • encourage you to make healthy changes

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