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Livin' Large Summer Kick Off

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Memorial Day weekend is here! If you have been reading my blog there have been a few things I spoke about recently that can help make a difference in your weight loss journey for summer or anytime:
Lost the weight and are ready for summer great! Losing weight is not easy, especially if it is slow but if this describes you, please do not get distracted, slow and steady can win the weight loss race.
Maybe it has been difficult for you and not realistic at this time to find a diet/lifestyle you can live with or the one thing to motivate you. Do not beat yourself up. Most women are not a size 0 or even a 6 for that matter. The average American woman wears a size 14. So do not feel isolated or alone.
In fact, it may not necessarily have any health consequences either. There was a piece in the NY times written by Harriet Brown entitled, “Thinner May Mean Sicker” it explains that a few extra pounds is not necessarily related to more health complications than normal weight, “In 2005, The National Health and Exam Survey was analyzed and it was found that the biggest risks of death were associated with being at either end of the spectrum — underweight or severely obese. The lowest mortality risks were among those in the overweight category (B.M.I.s of 25 to 30), while moderate obesity (30 to 35) offered no more risk than being in the normal-weight category.”
Variety is the spice of life not everyone is going to be small. If you are comfortable in your own skin, eating 5-7 servings of vegetables, free range or grass-fed antibiotic free protein, healthy fats like coconut, avocado, nuts/seeds and olives sans the 100 calorie snack pack or commercially prepared healthy snacks like non-fat yogurt, and you are involved in some sort of activity… Enjoy Life.
Just be happy and as beautiful as you are. There are many people who try and do not achieve long-term success because of various reasons. These reasons are not important. What is essential is that you know family and friends love and care about you regardless of a number on the scale.
Check out H&M model Jennie Runk, She is gorgeous, looks great on the beach and Jennie is not super thin. What she says here is an important message for girls, boys, women and men,
Jennie Runk
Runk is a size 14 and livin’ large with her new-found success. She models cloths in the sizes that most women would wear them, unlike the ultra thin models who do not emulate most of the population. My vote is that fashion uses all shapes and sizes of men and women and bring sexy into style for all body types. Everyone is sexy in their own unique way. Let’s just hope this is the start of a fashion revolution!
In my career, I meet so many men and women who get disappointed and just feel badly because they did not reach a weight goal. I think the most important goal is just to make positive changes in your life. No matter how small, use the change as a stepping stone and keep going.
What is more important than what you look like on the outside is being a genuine caring person. If you bubble over with positive energy, it is likely to get positive attention.
NO matter what your size, love yourself and wear it well.
Have a summer filled with lots of happiness and fun!

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