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Summer Weight Loss Strategies Make Healthy Eating Easy

Is your summer weight going going gone? Or is summer weight loss a little more difficult than you thought? Summer is a great time to kick back, relax and enjoy. Yet if you are trying to lose weight, there are specific seasonal slip ups that can interfere with successful weight loss.  

Do not fall, jump and clear summer weight loss hurdles. Then feel proud.  As you have proven you are able to navigate summer slip up situations that stand in the way of your weight loss. 

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Seasonal Summer Weight Loss Challenges 

There is no doubt summer weight loss can be challenging. Family and social gatherings offer all your favorite eats and drinks. However, there are more hurdles than you might think. You can clear summer weight loss hurdles using these tips. 

      1. Heat Can Be A Summer Weight Loss Hurdle

When it’s hot, we tend to drink more and move less. 

  • Liquid calories from alcohol, juice, smoothies, soda, ices or ice cream are typically ignored and sabotage summer weight loss. 

Why drink your calories? Crazy question because we all know how refreshing a cold frozen beverage can be in the heat of the summer. Yet research shows a direct relationship between drinking less than 1 sweetened beverage per week to drinking more than 1 sweetened beverage per day with significant weight gain. 

Interestingly, those who increased their calories through drinking also ate 360 more calories. And those who did not consume sweetened drinks lowered calorie intake by 320 calories. 

So, drink water! If you do not like it au natural then create a clean crisp refreshing drink that will keep you wanting more. Just by keeping the liquid sweet calories down, you can Keep the summer weight loss up and lose up to 35 pounds a year. 

  • The heat may make it difficult to stick to an exercise routine. When it’s too hot to work out and you’re too busy working on a tan, consider a summer weight loss work-out plan. 

While it may be enticing to sit on the beach all day, it’s not the way to burn calories. Wake up and work out before heading to the beach. Swim. Hiking in the shade. Or, work on your tan while walking in the sand or the boardwalk. Take a ten to twenty-minute walk for every hour you are lying on the beach. Play volleyball or get involved in digging/making castles in the sand. 

     2. Seasonal Summer Weight Loss Slip-Ups Are Common


  • More daylight hours are always welcome come summer. However, if you stay up later, chances are you may eat more.  


  • Seasonal summer BBQ grilling seems innocent enough, however, it can be a summer weight loss nightmare.

Typically BBQ festivities include excess dressings (cold pasta salads with oil), sauces/condiments (BBQ sauce), and add-ins (mayonnaise laden coleslaw, potato or macaroni salad). Slathering on the extras that are used in food preparation like mayo, cream, bread crumbs, ketchup are a big part of summer weight loss hurdles. 

As you may know, when foods or beverages are made with multiple ingredients, it’s hard to keep track of calories, fats or carbohydrates. Therefore, for your BBQ stick with the basics. Use natural herbs and spices without the sugary liquid add ons. Then you can eat and continue summer weight loss.  

     3. Travel Can Compromise Summer Weight Loss 

  • When on vacation, a healthy routine can easily be sabotaged. From unexpected travel delays to being enticed by your food and drink favorites. Find your happy medium. Stick with your routine but make allowances to avoid a summer weight loss hiccup. 


  • Additionally, we all want to mentally escape which doesn’t make for consistent summer weight loss. Tossing out awareness while eating mindlessly will compromise your weight loss goals. Be aware, eat, but make choices that will help you manage diet deviations.  


Be Mindful For Summer Weight Loss  

Despite these seasonal hurdles, summer weight-loss strategies will help you feel good while staying on track to achieve your goals.  Successful weight loss hinges on being mindful, so think to yourself.  

  • Do I really need to drink again after drinking last night?
  • Can I share this with one or more people?
  • Will this food quench my need to consume more food or will it make me yearn for more?
  • How will I feel after I eat this and how will it affect my goal(s)?
  • Can I make changes in my daily routine to offset what I’m about to eat?

Finally, each challenging situation has its own set of choices and ways to think through different approaches for weight loss success. Personalize practical solutions to optimize success. If you’re looking for more ideas, browse through my book or find one that can get your creative juices flowing. 

Summer Weight Loss Wrap up

Vacations, summer BBQ’s, long lazy beach days and late nights out can be monumental hurdles to your weight loss efforts. While it is easy to succumb to summer sabotage, if you are aware of lurking slip-ups, you can prevent them.

Set yourself up for successful summer weight loss. Summer should be fun and as long as you make small mindful behavior changes you can avoid feeling the pain of gain!

Drink and eat but make choices that include healthier alternatives. Hit the beach. Go on vacation. Schedule social events. Take advantage of all that summer has to offer. Just don’t fall. Jump over summer sabotage hurdles and continue to lose weight.

This summer, you can have it all! Enjoy your summer and manage your weight. 

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