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60 Minutes And The War Against Carbohydrates

60 Minutes

Low carb heaven, now where was I? Here’s a link:, to last weeks blog if you are interested in how 60 minutes started all this :).

Let me continue summing up from last week:
REFINED carbs and sugar, most REFINED foods created by food companies to reduce food cost and incresae profit coupled with the “best of intentions”  message from science research, “cut out fat to improve your health” has created huge health concerns for all of us. We eat 130 pounds of sugar/person/year and this has led to;
1. Cancer
2. Food addiction
3. Diabetes
4. Heart disease
5. Obesity
6. Fatty liver disease
7. Advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGEs are created from carbohydrates, both simple and complex.  Carbs are absorbed by your body to  affect your blood sugar levels.  Blood sugar is then glycated to form AGEs.
8. Kidney disease
9. Alzheimer’s disease
10. Skin, nerve and eye diseases
Now people are getting paid to figure out how to reduce all this damage, for what? It really is not rocket science.
Wanna cut off glucose supply to cancer, wanna reduce your cocaine-like addiction to sugar, wanna reduce your risk for diabetes, obesity, heart disease… just don’t eat sugar and foods that are made up mostly of carbohydrate containing foods.
It really seems prudent to eat balanced low carb whole food, paleo diets to help you live a long healthy life!

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