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Best High Fiber Foods

You might think the best high fiber foods are commercially prepared or natural whole grains, such as cold cereal, crackers or even brown rice  So not true. You might be surprised to find out that the best high fiber foods...

Eat This Best Food To Lower Cholesterol

The debate over egg yolks and heart health risk needs to end now. In fact, the egg yolk may just be one of the best foods to lower cholesterol.  While it is true eggs are a high in cholesterol, they may just be the best food to...

Keto Diet Resources

Is A Ketogenic Diet For You? Is a keto diet for you? If you seek diet information, you’ll find it everywhere. Diet-related topics are plastered all over the media. On a daily basis, there’s information on what to eat...

Quick Weight Loss Tips: Win The Weight Loss War

We all want quick weight loss. Most of the time quick weight loss rapidly turns itself around to an even more rapid weight gain. If you have five pounds or one hundred pounds to lose, battling the bulge is not easy. 7 Quick...

The Pre-Diabetes Truth

Pre-diabetes is NOT a mild form of diabetes. It is both its own medical condition and the second stage of five diabetes stages. Learn why normal blood sugar is important for pre-diabetes.


Type 2 diabetes is a result of over 10 years of a struggling pancreas. There are 5 stages of type 2 diabetes. Knowing what each stage is can help you manage blood sugar better. Early blood sugar care matters.