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Five Reasons To Eat Foods With Fat (2)

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Last week I listed the nutrients (arachiodonic acid, MCT and choline) found in high fat foods, and that are void in low-fat diets and explained why they are important for helping the body look its best and to run efficiently,,  That is the first reason to eat foods with fat.

The second reason to eat foods with fat is because lower consumption of naturally occurring fat from natural food makes it difficult to absorb fat soluble vitamins (vitamins A,D,E,K) and minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium).

For example, Dr. Frank Lipman discusses vitamin D deficiency in-depth, and believes that it is more than just lack of sunlight that is contributing to this problem. I second that idea and believe that it has to do with the Food Guide Pyramid and the push towards lowering fat and eating more grains.

And, let’s not forget that there are more fat soluble nutrients that play important roles in the delicate balance of good health that are often forgotten when the focus is on fat reduction by lowering or omitting meat:

Zinc, it is found in plant foods but compounds in plants compete for its absorption so you may be eating foods that contain zinc while trying to lower fat but the zinc my not be absorbed so it’s like you never consumed it in the first place. It is important for the immune system, bones and skin.

B vitamins: Water-soluble but found in and best absorbed from red meat.

Coenzyme Q 10: Important in heart health, energy production and acts as an antioxidant.

Acetyl-L-carnitine: metabolism of fat, anti-aging for the liver and brain.

And essential amino acids: carnitine (assists in fatty acid metabolism), taurine (supports a healthy heart and helps lower blood pressure)  and carnosine (a neurotransmitter involved in the anti-aging process associated with advanced glycation end products, AGEs).

If you want to read the details, Chris Masterjohn describes it well in ” Vegetarianism and Nutrient Deficiencies”, This is enlightening to say the least and mind-blowing to give it the credit he deserves.

The third reason is just as important so stay tuned.


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