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Don't Get "Scrooged", Get Happy For The Holidays!

Christmas at Rockefeller Center, located in Ne...

Christmas at Rockefeller Center, located in New York City, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The holiday season is upon us. Twenty four more days ’til Christmas and then New Years
As we gear up for family gatherings and social events, I often wonder if all the responsibilities and pressures of the holidays create stress and unrealistic expectations that put a damper on holiday cheer. I believe there are many people who enjoy the season but there are also others who take on the extra task of buying gifts, hosting the traditional celebration, stressing about finances, job security, and other pressures from various sources.
The big question, “What are your expectations during the holiday season?” “What are your expectations for family, friends or your job?” “Can you use this time to relax and enjoy the ones you love most?” These are loaded questions. Use caution before you answer. Take time to really think these through.
Why do I ask this? Because expectations can mess with your mood and your happiness. Do not let negativity cloud your judgment. Keep your thoughts clear and focus on yourself, your health and your weight goals.
If you think the holiday will be picture perfect, you know just like on T.V. , the food, the people, the gifts….think again. Don’t get blindsided by circumstance. There is often a person or event that will bring you down before you have a chance to take your next breath. Your expectations can be a huge factor for your sanity, wellness and, of course, your weight.
An expectation is a belief about what might happen in the future. Keep in mind that while it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future, you can use past holidays  to gauge what is likely to happen based on previous years.  If there are things that have happened in the past, certain people or situations that have “scrooged” you out of everything and especially a happy holiday, just DO NOT let it get to you this year.
Know it is likely going to happen again and plan how you are going to avoid any aggravation that comes your way. Set realistic expectations knowing that the only person that can control your moods or happiness is you. Keep stress at bay. Think positive thoughts. It is not the gifts, the job or any distractor in your life. It is about your health, happiness and the time you spend with those who you enjoy being with.
Make this holiday season one of the best ever! Be well, keep things in perspective, positive thoughts will keep your spirits high, your outlook on life good and help to keep your healthy lifestyle (eating and exercising) consistent during the holidays.
If you get the best, or should I say the worst of yourself, try singing one of these songs, Bob Marley works for me, “Don´t Worry Be Happy”, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poCo_7ZjYA8,  or “Don’t Worry About A Thing, ‘Cause Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright,” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mACqcZZwG0k,  or find any tune that will help straighten yourself out, let it get stuck in your head and sing it like you mean it for as long as you need it!
No matter what’s going on, these songs will make you feel good inside so sing and spread the holiday spirit and most of all enjoy life!
Anyone have a song to share with us or a plan to avoid being “scrooged”? I would be “happy” to add it to the list.
Happy and healthy holidays to all!

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