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What Are Your Trigger Foods?

You do not have to wait for the New Year for a New You because the New Year is here. Happy New Year!
Are you a person who can say “no” to your favorite foods or are there some foods you just cannot resist? Many of us have certain triggers, foods such as salty snacks, chocolate, alcoholic beverages, but a trigger can be anything; an event, a person or smell. I bet you can name a few triggers that can set off an avalanche of unwanted indulgences.
In order to avoid pulling the trigger to a diet disaster, consider the following statements:
1. Once I eat a trigger food (ice cream, cookies, brownies, etc), I can’t stop eating. One cookie becomes 10 cookies. One scoop of ice cream becomes the entire container. I need to follow a diet as directed—with not one cheat—or I might as well not follow it at all.
2. I can eat small portions of bread, cookies, and other carbohydrate foods and stop. I can go for weeks without eating sweets, starches (bread, crackers), or fruit and I don’t miss them.
Which statement resonates more for you? If it’s statement #2, you will probably be able to eat small amounts of snacks without triggering episodes of binge eating. If statement #1 rang true, think twice about eating these foods until you can gain self-control.
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