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Sitting on The Low Carb Fence: Weight Loss

Here’s what she said to me (my client who is a vegetarian, see my blog from last week to get the details,
“I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this diet of yours is. It’s only been 1 week and I have lost 2-3 pounds, my stomach is practically flat, I feel light and so good!I am never hungry between meals!!”
“Yes, I really do feel well. I haven’t had any sugar-even gave it up in coffee.  I can’t believe that every meal I had had some sugar aspect. I will tell all my friends. I ordered your book,, to find more food options. I want to thank you!”
As we talked, it was her excitement about not having to be conscious of every little calorie and not having to feel hungry to attain her weight loss that gave her this new-found “emotional freedom” that made eating and life so much more enjoyable.
A healthy low carbohydrate diet can be followed by almost anyone and certainly should be followed by those who:
1. prefer a lower carbohydrate food plan,
2. may not be getting the desired clinical results while following a low-fat diet,
3. feel hungry between meals and dread the summer season because they “starve” themselves to fit back into their summer wardrobe,
4. want “emotional freedom” from feeling deprived
Can “The Stubborn Fat Fix” help you? Can I help you?

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