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Quick Weight Loss Tips: Win The Weight Loss War

We all want quick weight loss. Most of the time quick weight loss rapidly turns itself around to an even more rapid weight gain. If you have five pounds or one hundred pounds to lose, battling the bulge is not easy.

7 Quick Weight Loss Tips

These 7 quick weight loss tips will help you win the weight loss war for life and help shield you from weight re-gain. While these tips are helpful, it is most important to identify which behavior strategies work best for you.  

Quick Weight Loss Tip #1

Create your own “Eat-To-Win” (ETW) behavior strategies as one part of your personalized quick weight loss tip. When you click on the link, it will show you examples of behavior strategies. You need to create your own detailed strategies. Forget about what works for everyone else, it is important to be able to know yourself. What works for you? What does NOT work for you?

Quick Weight Loss Tip #2

Ditch the all-or-nothing mindset. Most people overindulge at one time or another. It is the “nothing” mindset that gets you in trouble.  For example, falling off the wagon for one meal should not affect the rest of the day. If you eat off plan, don’t “restart your diet again the next day.” Stick to eating lower calorie veggies to balance the after-effects of the eating damage.

In using this quick weight loss tip, consider any food you eat a part of your lifetime meal plan. So, after any diet deviation just continue eating healthy.  Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #3

Avoid trigger foods: Another quick weight loss tip that helps to prevent an avalanche of eating is to avoid trigger foods that cause non-stop eating. Just say “NO!” to these foods that are typically high in calories, carbohydrates, and unhealthy fats.

If the unthinkable happens, and you can’t get back on track;  try eating only protein and veggies for a few days after a binge. By eating foods that are nutrient dense and cutting off the sugar supply, you can beat the cravings and bring appetite back into control.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #4

Schedule an enjoyable activity: you may want to make a list of what, when and how you will get consistent activity into your day. It doesn’t have to take up all your free time. However, moving your body will make you feel better physically and mentally.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #5

Journal: Keep a journal of your feelings. If you strayed from the plan, write down your feelings about your indulgence. Was it worth it? Were you stressed because you were not following your plan? Did it soothe you?

Then plan and write down a counter attack. It should list how you might do things differently for the next time.

If you are on track and doing well, make a note of your success and how it feels to do the right thing. Then plan on using the same strategy for the next time.  Did you lose weight instead of gaining a pound?

Keep your quick weight loss tip (journal) in an easy to reach place for quick access in case you need to pull it out in an emergency.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #6

Adopt a positive and supportive mindset:  Thinking positive will empower you to stay on track. Be true to you. Negativity is not allowed. Think about the childhood tale of “The Little Engine That Could“. In the story, the little red engine agrees to haul a large train over a mountain. While in tow, the little engine continuously repeats the phrase “ I-think-I-can, I -Think-I can.” Then the little engine succeeds in pulling the large immobile train over the mountain.

Quick Weight Loss Tip #7

The last, but just as important, quick weight loss tip also focuses on the mental aspect of weight loss.

Focus, commitment, drive, and fortitude will give you the edge you need to succeed. Weight loss is difficult but weight maintenance is more challenging.

Keep focused on your weight and continue your commitment even after you hit your weight goal in order to enjoy your success and maintain the weight loss.

It is not common to lose weight and maintain that success on the first try. Allow trial and error (or even defeat, i.e. weight gain)  to guide you not beat you.  Any deviation can and should be used to support your weight loss strategy and success. 

Quick Weight Loss Tip Wrap Up

Attain and maintain your ideal body weight when you use these quick weight loss strategies. Do not wait. Being mindful of slip-ups and changing behavior is part of long term weight goal. The process may take longer than expected but let nothing get in the way of your ultimate success.

If you can use these quick weight loss strategies, adopt good habits and coping strategies you will be prepared for any hurdle that gets in your way.

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