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Last spring my daughters best friend’s mom asked me if I was interested in joining a boot camp. I was interested but declined. I was working out but thought I’ll give myself a few months to work up to it.
Then it hit me, I’m a slacker. Why wait? “Just Do It, NOW!!!!”
So I called, my now BFF (she has to be, she was a catalyst that changed my life forever)
and got me a little Pure Power Boot Camp (PPBC), Jericho NY,, or actually PPBC got me. I am now obsessed because, “Saturated in sweat and addicted to the adrenaline, we as a platoon embody dedication, commitment and yearning desire to find our pure power. We do not judge ourselves…we do not judge others.”
Marines teach the classes, ironically enough they shout the same words (just a little louder and scarier), “Just Do It”, NOW!!!! As a recruit, we must do as we are told or pay the price, “50 shades of torture”!
Even with all the abuse, the camaraderie amongst the recruits and the drill instructors is unparalleled. Each has their own style but all contribute to the strength and dedication of our platoon. My experience with the Drill Instructors (DI’s) has been unforgettable.
Victor Arroyo, “Sinister”, my first instructor at PPBC gave me the support to want more when I could not do any of it on my own. Most of what I know about the obstacle course is because of you…but I still have not forgotten the time you made me run with a tire for 10 minutes for being 5 minutes late and making me do 50 burpees for what I’m still not sure what?…oh yeah just because 🙂
Nicio Evertz, “The terror” and definitely into S&M :), grabbing the back of my shirt and literally running with me to make me go over the 555 (no that’s not a typo) mph speed limit. Not sure how else to describe the love of standing on people with weights in his hand, nuff said. Outside the walls of PPBC, you are actually funny and very likeable and I’m thinking you might just be human after all.
Brian Gomez (GQ), “Go-Go Gomez”, always has a smile but don’t let this big teddy bear fool you, this running man is on top of you every step of the way and nothing gets past him. No stopping or mediocrity are tolerated. As I tried to run out of class, you made me take the time to one has ever “made” me do anything!

"Get over the wall...with the right help any obstacle is possible."

“Get over the wall…with the right help any obstacle is possible.”

Mike (just Mike), new to the crew… no-nonsense work with precision, raising the bar by adding (another first for me) a pull up on the last monkey bar…can’t wait for more!!!!
I love to hate all of you!
Thank you Pure Power Boot Camp, Mike, GQ, Nicio and Vic for giving me everything I always wanted, A REAL WORK OUT! I could not have accomplished what I have achieved without you. So, this is for you:
Strength without it your mission crumbles. It must be the foundation that maintains the decisions mental, emotional physical aspects of your mission.
Emotional strength also contributes to using good judgment. It should be used to keep positive thoughts and supportive ideas in the forefront of your mind. Feelings of distress, defeat, hopelessness have no place here. Mistakes are learning opportunities, not excuses to breakdown.
Mental strength gives you the power to say YES to staying active and NO to staying on the couch. Mind control allows you to make the best decisions to keep with your mission. Use the mind to picture success and also use it to block any potential for interference.
Physical strength is important in that it allows you to move. If you had no strength you would not be able to pick up a pencil or even stand. As strength grows, so does muscle. Muscle is lean body mass (LBM) and it grows with rest, proper nutrition and exercise.
Exercise almost every day, be active daily, just as you wake up every morning. Exercise should be part of the same routine as getting dressed and brushing your teeth. Modern man sits at a desk all day and has little opportunity to move. Various types of exercises and activities serve different functions but all make positive changes to the body: improving lung capacity to breathe better, increasing bone density, regulating bowel movements and sleep patterns, and building lean body mass which elevates metabolism. Exercise helps balance blood sugar so for certain medical conditions (diabetes, insulin resistance, poly cystic ovarian syndrome…) it should be part of medical treatment. But if all these reasons still don’t do it for you, sex gets better too,
Rest anytime you are not moving you are at rest and you do this more than you think. But, adequate rest helps strengthen your mental and emotional state of mind, lowers stress levels and boosts immunity. Meditate, stretch and sleep on average 7 hours.
Food should be consumed for its nutrients and value to fuel your actions.
Interest in yourself with active goals. It is impossible to win the battle of the bulge or stick to a dedicated exercise routine if the focus is on others. This is your crusade, own it.
For all my readers I hope this inspires you. Do not be a slacker. Eat right, be active, rest and enjoy a healthy harmonious life.

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