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3 Fitness and Health Tips For The Holidays

Happy holidays to all! This time of year goes quick. So much to do so little time! It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday hustle, while putting fitness and health aside.

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However, you may want to consider maintaining healthy routines during the holidays.  Even though life gets hectic, if you do not squeeze exercise and health-sustaining behaviors into the season,  you’ll be squeezing out of your jeans faster than you realize.

Even more importantly, one research study shows that there is a significant increase in hospital admissions for heart failure right after Christmas.

Stress, overeating and under exercising are all thought to be contributing factors to heart attacks during Christmas time.

3 Fitness and Health Tips

Just because it is the holiday season, it doesn’t mean your fitness and health have to suffer. They should not lose their place as a priority. During the holidays, it is easy to make excuses that sabotage weight and health.  

Consequently, you suffer. Consider these 3 fitness and health tips for the holidays.

Excuse #1: There is just not enough time.

Yes, there is extra food and gift shopping. Yes, there are home decorations to be displayed and cleaning to be done. Holiday preparations are indeed time consuming.

Tip #1: No Exercise Excuses, Just Do It!

If you have time for all the extra holiday activities, you have the time to focus on fitness and health. As a first priority in the morning, keep healthy behaviors on your schedule. It helps keeps the balance with any unhealthy eating. A quick 10-20 minute high intensity workout is better than nothing.


Excuse #2: I just couldn’t say “No”.

Holiday parties and meals with family, friends and colleagues can last for weeks. Excess eating and drinking adds on the pounds quickly. It is your choice to make. Is it Yes or no?

Tip#2: Just Say YES!

If you say Yes to eating more filling foods (lower in calorie or carbohydrates based on your diet), no one will notice that you are not consuming the foods and drinks that will affect your weight and health. You will be satisfied during the holidays and after. Then you will feel good about your choices and how you look. Otherwise, it just adds stress.

Excuse # 3: I’m too stressed to care about my fitness and health.

Of course, you are stressed. The holiday season is filled with deadlines and responsibilities, however, you will persevere.

Tip #3: The stress of the holiday season, is less stressful when you maintain your fitness, health and weight.

Fitness and Health Wrap-up

Excuses never get you anywhere. If you have nutrition, fitness and health, you have all that you need to be happy and stress free. It is easy to become overwhelmed during the holidays season. You can use these 3 simple tips to enjoy the holidays and get you through any difficult time of the year.


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