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Making Better Food Choices Hits You Where It Counts

The "Great for You" icon at Wal-Mart designates products eligible for the discounts offered through the program partnership between the retailer and Humana Vitality. PHOTO COURTESY WAL-MART — Photo courtesy Wal-Mart

Last week you saw anti-obesity campaigns that are supposed to shock people into making better food choices, Now Walmart and Humana have partnered to support better food choices in a much more positive and effective way.
The “Vitality Health Program”,, hits you right where it counts, it helps support your  pocketbook, not drain it! But it helps your finances not drain this plan helps It was put together in response to a feedback from a survey. Wow! Blue Cross Blue Shield and Children’s Healthcare Atlanta, why didn’t you think of that?! Ask the people, what works for them and provide financial incentive instead of using them in a crazy ad campaign that will not do much but get you a little attention.
Eighty four percent of those who responded to the survey acknowledged that discounts on healthy food would motivate them to make healthier food purchases. Now when you purchase foods at Walmart with the icon “Great For You” logo, you are eligible for 5% in rewards points that can be redeemed for movie tickets, hotel stays and over 600,000 other choices.
Now this is what I call a step in the right direction. I hope this program sets a trend and there will be more programs, better programs with higher discounts for more people.
But until, then I will continue to keep my eye on both sides in the battle of the bulge.Have you seen this viral video,, made by teachers and students in Kansas in retaliation to changes to the school lunch program?
Any other ideas? Which companies will follow their lead? Who is next?

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