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Yes, you read correctly…it is possible to save on grocery costs while eating low carb.

It is difficult to dispute that meat is more costly than a box of pasta. As common sense as this may seem, there may be more to this than meets the eye. My line of thinking has always been off the beaten path, which is how I ended up in the “Low Carb Camp”. So bear with me, ‘cause my thoughts do make sense.
If you eat a portion of pasta or a 16 oz. box of pasta ($1.00 Stop and Shop brand or Dreamfields is $2.99), it might seem to cost less than a package of chicken thighs but the difference may not be a big as you think. See the chart below.
Eating in line with the Economy

Perdue Cornish Game Hen 1.5 LB $2.98
Perdue Chicken Thighs – 5 ct 2 LB $3.98
Nature’s Promise Chicken Thighs Antibiotic Free Natural 1.7 LB $3.83
Nature’s Promise Beef Ground 85% Lean Natural 1 LB $3.99
Nature’s Promise Beef Ground 75% Lean Natural 1 LB $2.99
Nature’s Promise Beef Ground 85% Lean Natural (on sale) 1 LB $3.99

However, you are going to get hungry after that pasta and end up eating at least twice as much, maybe more.  Why?
For one reason, because you’re gonna have a huge glucose load, your body will try to balance this and your blood sugar is gonna take a quick dive.
Another reason is just that pasta is not filling. It is a carbohydrate that has no fiber and little if any nutrients, so you need to eat a lot to feel full.
OOPS, almost forgot to factor in the fact that no one eats pasta plain, so you must add oil or tomato sauce that should get factored into the cost and carb content. Let me just say, I am not a big fan of eating pasta and oil or butter because as I mention in my book, The Stubborn Fat Fix“,  combining high amounts of carbohydrates with high amounts of fat is one of the many contributors to the obesity epidemic.   You must walk a fine “tightrope” line when you start combining fats and starches.

On the other hand, eating a couple of chicken thighs, you can season with pepper, oregano, curry or any herb/spice, to give yourself the protein and fat to satisfy your belly!
So, be a smart shopper and think before you stroll down the pasta aisle to save a few bucks. You might be surprised that the cost of weight loss or maintaining your weight when eating low carb foods is not as expensive as you think.
Interested in a list of lower cost low carb foods, check in next week!

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