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Johnson's Baby Shampoo, Dioxane, Quaternium and Cancer

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Johnson & Johnson was ranked the most trusted brand in America according to a survey in Forbes but  buyer beware  their “No more tears” shampoo for babies contains 2 ingredients (Dioxane, Quaternium) that may cause parents to shed more than just a few tears. Dioxane and quaternium have been found to trigger certain types of  skin allergies and even cancer. These additives are found in many shampoos and cosmetic products to prevent spoiling and works by releasing formaldehyde to kill bacteria.

The link between using products containing these additives and health risk may not be as straightforward as it seems but if it’s your child then what?
I see agri-business (food), big pharma companies (medicine) and many large companies (shampoo, lotion, cosmetics) more concerned with the bottom line than the safety of their consumers.
Using preservatives or any item that may be associated with ill-health for food (partially hydrogenated oil, high fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate), hygiene products such as the ones mentioned in this blog or chemicals in our medicine (How often are over-the-counter medicines being yanked from pharmacy shelves?)  is not ok!






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