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3 Low Blood Sugar Diet Tips

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A Low Blood Sugar Diet Helps You

A low blood sugar diet is the most effective tool for those living with low blood sugar (LBS). The food you eat can either energize or drain you of energy and lead to these debilitating symptoms.

Diet is instrumental in maintaining normal blood sugar levels, 70-99 mg/dl fasting and 149 mg/dl 2 hours after eating.

LBS is a consequence of eating sugar or carbohydrates. This is why a low blood sugar diet is important.

A low blood sugar diet will help you

  • normalize blood sugar;
  • Improve and maintain consistent energy levels;
  • control appetite; and help to
  • escape low blood sugar symptoms.

3 Low Blood Sugar Diet Tips for RH

When you make a few simple changes in your eating habits it will make a big difference in how you feel. Three general blood sugar diet tips can make you feel better than ever.

Tip #1:  A low blood sugar diet should include small mini-meals throughout the day.  This means dividing your normal meal portions in half. Therefore 6 smaller portions every 3-4 hours.


Eating Schedule

7:00 am ½ breakfast

10:00 am ½ breakfast

1:00 pm ½ lunch

4:00 pm ½ lunch

6:30 pm ½ dinner

9:30 pm ½ dinner

While this is just a sample, you should follow a consistent eating schedule that fits your personal lifestyle.


Tip #2: Eat small amounts of protein-based food and weave in small amounts of low blood sugar healthy carbohydrates.

Nutrition Breakdown


2-4 oz. protein, sliced vegetables or low glycemic fruit (not more than 5-10 grams of carbohydrates), 1 serving of fat


4-8 oz. protein 1-2 cups vegetables, 1 serving of fat


4-8 oz. protein 1-2 cups vegetables, 1 serving of fat


1-4 oz.of protein, sliced vegetables or combo foods that include natural fats

For example:

  • peanut butter,
  • mozzarella cheese and tomato with drizzled olive oil,
  • shredded coconut mixed with spicy pumpkin seeds and nuts,
  • veggies with guacamole,
  • Or even a quick protein shake

Portions should be based on age, activity level, and other personal factors. Therefore, these are general portions. So, it is important to assess where you fit, at either end of the range or right in the middle of these suggestions.

Tip # 3: Avoid simple sugars and commercially prepared high carbohydrate foods. Here’s where the confusion can come in. Any carbohydrate, whether considered healthy or unhealthy, will create a blood sugar roller coaster.

Typically green leafy and salad vegetables are carbohydrates that have the least effect on blood sugar. However, cereal, bread products, potato, rice, pasta, fruit, and juice are not healthy for people who have RH.

Know What NOT To Eat


When living with low blood sugar it is as important to know what to eat, as it is to know, what not to eat.

Aside from foods and beverages, don’t forget that anything you ingest can affect blood sugar, like alcohol and medication. Never drink large amounts of alcohol, especially on an empty stomach. Always ask your doctor about medication before you take it.

More types of sugar items include candy and ice cream, high glycemic fruits, granola, and soda.

Also, read labels on foods and beverages to see which contain hidden sugars and additives (such as maltodextrin) that impact blood sugar.

Low Blood Sugar Diet Wrap Up

Managing blood sugar with a Low Blood Sugar Diet can change your life dramatically and for the better. Follow these three tips consistently and you will realize the power of how eating well can heal.






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