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Food Guidelines: Steven Malanga Gets It

It’s funny how you can feel so alone while living in a low carb world. Yeah sure, you can reach out to folks like Johnny Bowden, Jimmy Moore, Sean Croxton and a handful of others but on a day to day basis you are likely to battle your family, friends and healthcare experts.
Federal guidelines and recommendations set by medical and nutritional associations fail to take current research into account when updating dietary guidelines. Steven Malanga who writes for the post has this to say,      .
I think he is absolutely right.
The Metabolism Society (an organization dedicated to the incorporation of biochemical metabolism to problems of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease) also believes that the therapeutic potential of low-carbohydrate diets for the treatment of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease is under-investigated and under-utilized.  You can read their opinion of the USDA public hearing for the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee
What’s your opinion?

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