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Fifteen Foods That Fuel (11-13)


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The next three foods on the “Fifteen Foods That Fuel List” are:
11. Blueberries are small but pack a powerful punch on the antioxidant scale. You may know that a 1 cup serving size is about 85 calories and unlike a 100 calorie snack pack they are loaded with antioxidants. Here are some benefits of blueberries you may not have heard about, they support healthy bones, eyes,  brain and nerve function. Blueberries  also  help raise HDL (the good cholesterol) and protect against cancer.
12. Ghee is clarified butter. That’s right you heard me butter! So just like butter, it is void of hydrogenated oils/trans fats and full of nutrients (Vit. A, D and E, selenium, iodine, short and medium chain fatty acids).  Ghee is used in India to promote well-being on the inside and out: Topical applications to help soften the skin and repair blisters and burns; immune strengthening properties, and medical uses for constipation and ulcers.  These nutrients are associated with bone, heart and thyroid health.  Check on the long story…
13. Chocolate, the cocoa in chocolate makes the sinful taste sinfully good. Chocolate will always make my list. Here’s why,
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