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Dr. Atkins: A Common Thread Amongst Very Insightful People (Part II)

So as I was saying on my last blog, Jonny Bowden and I seem to be pretty much in the same place. No matter what “diet” you wish to live for the rest of your life, find a nourishing well balanced plan that you are excited about, enjoy the foods and steer clear of too many processed packaged foods whether its low carb or low fat.
Jonny’s book, Living Low Carb, is a handy and E-Z guide to almost 40 diet and exercise programs, www.jonnybowden.com/. Yes, most of them are low carb but he includes YOU: On a Diet by Dr. Oz, The Ultra Simple Diet by Mark Hyman and a few others. I know many may of you may pick up the book and head straight to the specific diet section(s) you are interested in. However, I would encourage you to check out the following chapters so you better understand the complete nutrition picture versus a one-sided view of why low fat diets are the only way to go:
Why Low-Carb Diets Work
Fat, Cholesterol, and Health: Have We Been Misled?
Is there Such Thing As The “Metabolic Advantage” of Low-Carb Diets?
The Biggest Myths About Low-Carb Diets
And while this book seems to have it all (and it almost does), it cannot include diets that were released after the publishing deadline. Therefore, unfortunately I will not know how Jonny rates my book, The Stubborn Fat Fix. So Jonny please do not forget the “Fat Fix” on your next round! www.amazon.com/Stubborn-Fat-Fix-Metabolic-Exercise/dp/159486828X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1270206478&sr=8-1. I am proud to say the reviews on Amazon are excellent and the main message is to eat real foods while making eating a pleasurable experience.
Another book, The New Atkins For a New You also just came out, www.amazon.com/New-Atkins-You-Ultimate-Shedding/dp/1439190275 . I’m impressed with the authors. Dr.’s Phinney, Volek and Westman are reputable clinicians who know their stuff. FYI, Dr. Volek is a registered dietitian too! From reading the book I learned a thing or two about another way to treat common symptoms people may experience on low carb diets, “fatigue, weakness, light headedness, constipation, leg cramps and headaches.” I knew the Atkins diet can minimize the need for taking blood pressure meds (as is true for many low carb diets) due to its diuretic effect. I have used natural remedies to help alleviate these symptoms. But according to the doctors, you can also add “a pinch of salt” to your diet. I do not typically advise people to add salt to food but will include this in my diet bag of tricks. There are lots of helpful tidbits in this book that were not included in Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution (my first experience with “birthing” a book). You may also want to consider reading this book for the practical information, the testimonials and do not miss “Part IV: A diet For Life: The Science of Good Health”.
I hope this helps those who are on the fence about what diet might fit their lifestyle best. If not let me know and I’ll answer whatever questions I can.

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