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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?


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I deserve to eat good healthy foods.
I deserve to take time to explore things that interest me.
I deserve “me” time.
I deserve happiness and respect.
I deserve to live well and enjoy life.
Positive thoughts and positive actions yield positive results!
Block negative thoughts and focus on the positive. Positive thinking will positively effect every aspect in your life.
Issues with weight and health are complicated. Unless you deal with the issues that brought you to your current state, it is unlikely you will obtain long-term success or happiness.
Why are you overweight?
Is it that you are drawn to comfort foods because they are reminders of happy times with your family?
Do you abuse yourself by skipping meals only to eat double or triple the amount later?
Do you allow your mind and emotions to interfere with your eating plan?
How is your lifestyle effecting your health?
Are you too busy sitting at your desk at work to be active?
Do you read labels before you select your groceries?
Does stress effect sleeping patterns?
Dig deep, are you your own worst enemy? Identify which things railroad your weight and health goals.
What do you deserve? You deserve happiness, spiritual and physical wellness.
Please share your experiences or thoughts?

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