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10 Guilt Free, Free Gifts

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Cyber Monday is here, conveniently in time for the gift giving season. There are great deals to be had. Giving and receiving gifts is a big part of the holidays and marketers and retail stores are all vying for your attention and your money. You can go online,,  or in any store and pick up almost anything to gift and at any price.
But you do not have to spend every dime you own to show love and caring. Some of the best gifts come from the heart and do not have to cost a penny. More importantly guilt free, free gifts are calorie free and will not sit on a shelf or in a garage, Bottom line, these days it just seems to make no sense if you are spending all your money on gifts.
Just like Thanksgiving should not be an excuse for a gluttonous eating fest,, gift giving should not burn a hole in your pocket.
I like a good deal just as much as the next person but pricey, materialistic presents may take away from the true meaning of the winter holidays (Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza). The narrative behind each religious celebration has a meaningful story that is much deeper than just a day of exchanging gifts. The holidays are NOT about who got what gift or who gave so and so what.
Time is one of the most precious gifts one can give and it costs nothing. Whether you volunteer for those in need or you just spend more time with family and friends, time can be one of the most cherished gifts of all.
These 10 guilt free, free gift suggestions may help make your holiday gift giving more personal and more special than a retail “dime a dozen” gift.
Free Gift List
1. Massage (kids like massages too) always tops my list
2. Make a candle light cozy dinner, or happy hour, for two
3. Offer to help clean or organize a room, mow the lawn or whatever might be helpful to your intended recipient
4. A promissory note can be for anything your mind cam imagine but if you know anyone with kids, free babysitting or “taxi” service coupons, is BIG!
5. Volunteer to be a slave for a day just be careful who you volunteer for!  Offer your time for 24 hours if you dare if not use any time denomination 4, 8 12 hours. Your time is their money saved
6. Invite a group or select few of your favorite friends for an evening of fun and host a “game night”
7. Make a video or collage it is very personal and will last forever
8. Hugs and snuggles are always good
9. Put the blindfold on and lead the way to an evening of surprise!!!! I’m not giving any tips on this get creative and think of something on your own
10.  Think of the things that are important or characteristic to the person you want to give a gift to and use things, like a favorite color, television show, movie, food and use them in a theme to create something personal.
Creative gifts like these can be fun and even more appreciated than a store bought gift. Got any ideas? Please share.There are probably so many more free very meaningful gifts than are mentioned.
So do not go over budget this year, do not stress over holiday gift giving. You may be surprised at the thanks and enjoyment you get from making your gifts a little more intimate.
Happy Holidays!

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