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Yin and Yang for the Health of It

Yin and Yang is an ancient Chinese concept that emphasizes the notion that each body function works in harmony and not in isolation. With western medicine physicians specialize in specific areas like the heart or the feet or the brain.
Most people in the U.S. focus on keeping calories and fat low or hone in on one particular aspect of how food affects your health; for example, eating fish will help prevent a heart attack. While this is one way to approach optimal health, my philosophy expands on this to include more of an oriental medicine, yin and yang approach in the sense that balancing other foods with the fish will help build superior heart health and provide added nutrients for the rest of your body.
Here’s what I might consider if someone were concerned about heart health: I might start with considering fish consumption for additional omega three and then add to the nutrients provided by the fish such as an avocado (folic acid) or spinach (iron) that you might eat with your fish to help expand on the nourishment you feed your heart making it a more powerful meal. More powerful because you:
1. bathe your heart in ALL the nutrients it needs not just one
2. get the added benefits of nutrients that affect other areas of your health, for example folic acid is also important for brain health and iron helps transport oxygen to your cells increasing energy levels
Realizing that all foods contribute to a variety of nutrients to get your body in gear and function properly means that you should eat as much of a variety of foods, spices, herbs…as possible in order to maintain good health.
Don’t get stuck in a food rut. Eating a serving of “heart healthy” cereal everyday may help to cut calories but it does not fill your need for omega three, folic acid or any other nutrient that you are not eating because:
1. you are being boring and eating the same thing each day
2. you think focusing on calories only is going to bring you closer to good health
3. you are now eating too much of the nutrients in cereal not any nutrients from other foods
Focus on your Yin and Yang!

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Valerie Goldstein

Valerie raises the bar for health and nutrition know how with unconventional expertise and unconditional support for wellness.