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Trying to Eat Healthy? Be Careful!

Everyone knows the risks associated with eating junk but what are the risks for eating blueberries and broccoli?
When we eat healthy fruits and vegetables we are not supposed to worry about overdosing on vitamins and minerals. Yet, it can happen. Too much of a good thing is NOT good for you.
However, it has not stopped scientists in England from genetically engineering our food supply. Check out this label,;lst;4.
“Super Broccoli” “Naturally higher in glucosinolates” What’s a glucosinolate? Glucosinolate is “a plant nutrient THOUGHT to prevent heart disease by breaking down fat in the
body.” The BIG word is “thought”.  Eating more “super broccoli” will not “prevent heart disease” if you continue to over consume trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and excess calories.
So now our “healthy foods” are being sabotaged by big business and at risk of becoming endangered or even extinct.
Think twice before purchasing these types of Genetically Modified (GM) foods. If you want an eye-opening education, check this out, and this
It’s your choice, how are you going to exercise your consumer dollar? Organic foods are a safe bet.

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