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Trans Fats Are On The Out, What's In?

Now that food manufacturers are removing trans fats, otherwise known as hydrogenated oil from their products you might think the replacement would be a natural fat instead of going through an extra processing step and messing with mother nature.  But NOOOO, fractionated oils ( are replacing hydrogenated oils.
Hydrogenation of an unsaturated fat, such as vegetable oil, converts it into a spreadable tub or stick of margarine.  Hydrogenated fats were  supposed to create a “healthier” alternative to butter but in actuality it is converted into saturated fat . This hydrogenation process was popular replacing the natural “unhealthy” butter for health reasons. I do not believe butter is as evil as many believe;, and also to extend the shelf life of processed foods.
Bottom line is processed foods are not healthy even when they are “fat-free or low-fat”. We now know after all these years of guinea pigs that this hydrogenated oil added as a “health promoting” ingredient in our food supply is associated with clogging arteries and whole host of other poor health outcomes.
Now instead of supporting real food and natural healthy fat snacks like nuts and seeds. The food companies continue to protect their bottom line by introducing another processed fat called fractionated oil into the food supply. Maybe it is healthier but how do you know without making everyone into guinea pigs again.
Why can’t we learn from our past mistakes, let’s not repeat this history, I’d prefer not to be a guinea pig so I’m gonna protect my bottom line (my health) and use my purchasing dollar for real foods that are not processed. 
Dean Ornish and I do not have much in common but, if you read this,, you’ll see that we do agree that, “Unfortunately, a longer life for the product may mean a shorter life for you.”  
Stay away from the new fat (fractionated oil) that is “IN”! Use real natural butter and healthy fats from olives, coconut and other natural sources while avoiding fake fats that support the next fad.

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Valerie Goldstein

Valerie raises the bar for health and nutrition know how with unconventional expertise and unconditional support for wellness.