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Holiday Weight Loss: 3 Tips To Maintain Control of Your Goal


Holiday Weight Loss

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Hectic around here as I am sure it is for everyone this time of year. It will stay crazy for the next few months. So I thought I’d give you 3 quick holiday weight loss tips as a reminder of how to handle the holiday season.

Holiday Weight Loss is possible if you exercise two key elements: CONTROL and CHOICE.  You are in control of any foods you choose.

If during the holidays you allow yourself to jump off the weight loss wagon, make sure you land on your feet. Give yourself 3 days of extra strict food manipulation before and or after the big day.

These are holidays not holiweeks. If you decide to plan and follow a holiday weight loss strategy it will set the path for upcoming holidays. It is never too late to start good habits.

3 Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Holiday Weight Loss Tip #1

Pre-plan what you will eat before the festivities begin

Start the conversation a few days before the holiday; what is being served?
If you think a certain food will be a disaster for you, focus on all the food you can enjoy and still maintain control of your goal. Try to estimate how many calories or carbs you are willing to give this meal. Actually write down how many calories/carbs the foods are and create a plan from there. The more you commit, the better your chance of holiday “survival”.
Wake up and before you get out of bed, think about your food and exercise options for the day.

  • What foods and beverages will be on the table?
  •  Which foods will you choose?
  • Will you exercise before you start the day, later on in the day before or after the big meal?

Holiday Weight Loss Tip #2 

Divert your attention from the focus on unhealthy food and unwanted habits.

  • bringing a “new” healthy dish that is on your plan to share with others
  • enlisting company for an annual turkey or Christmas day walk
  • set up a board game to divert the attention away from eating and on to winning the game

Holiday Weight Loss Tip #3

No matter what the situation, allow yourself to relax and enjoy!

Holidays can be stressful, whether it is diverse family dynamics, economics, any hardship, take a deep breath (or two) and allow the negativity to leave your body as you exhale.  

  • there are positives (people, health) in your life, write them down
  • understand that no person or situation is perfect and try to be accepting and sympathetic
  • focus on those people and things that bring happiness into your heart, food does not dictate happiness and should not be used as an emotional crutch or weapon against yourself and your personal health goals

Holiday Weight Loss Wrap up

Please share your holiday weight loss tips with those of us who may benefit from your holiday survival strategies.  Check in to let us know how you are doing during the season.

If it helps to vent, you should and you can do so anonymously without any of your inner circles knowing.

I am always here for you. We should always be ready help one another.

Happy, healthy and pleasure filled holidays to all!

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