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Think This Not That

So you are following a diet, any diet. The day starts off right on track. You get to work and something throws you for a loop: maybe you walk by the vending machine or a co-worker brings in doughnuts; it’s possible you get into a fight with a loved one or you’re under deadline; it could be as simple as “social networking”.
Whatever the reason, the typical response is to think, “Oh well, I’ll start again tomorrow”. Well, DON’T! Don’t wait until tomorrow. If you slip and fall on the street do you sit there for the rest of the day?
Your slip up or binge can best be remedied by getting on track immediately and balancing what you eat for the rest of the day. The best way of doing this is by consuming the lowest calorie/carb/fat foods…vegetables and protein.
When you eat junk the best way to recovery is to eat a huge salad, clear broth soup with vegetables and protein, or grilled vegetables with fish, chicken or turkey to help get back on plan immediately.
So, positive proactive thinking and immediately eating to balance the junk you just ate will help bring you back on track.
Check in later to get more on this self-help strategy.

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