The Pre-Diabetes Truth

Written by Valerie Goldstein

Pre-diabetes is the second stage in the 5 stages of diabetes. It is classified when blood sugar levels are higher than normal (90 mg/dl) but less than diabetes (>126 mg/dl). It is possible to live with the pre-diabetes diagnosis without advancing to full-blown diabetes. Yet pre-diabetes can also be the beginning stages of diabetes.

Pre Diabetes Is Not A Mild Form Of Diabetes

One out of every three adults or 84 million people has pre-diabetes. Ninety percent of you are not diagnosed and are not aware of the symptoms.

Normal blood sugar levels are important for good health. Any blood sugar that is not normal, no matter how slightly abnormal, is not healthy.   

Health Consequences of Pre-Diabetes

Pre-diabetes is associated with the same health conditions as diabetes. These conditions include heart and kidney disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, stroke, high blood pressure high cholesterol and metabolic syndrome.

Pre-diabetes is less well known to be connected with gout, hearing loss, hunger and mood swings.

Pre-Diabetes Medical Treatment

You may realize that lifestyle is the best way to keep blood sugar normal. However, it may seem easier to just pop a pill. Medicine can do the trick. But there are consequences to using pills. Timing is one of the reasons pills may not be a good treatment option.

If medicine (pills or insulin) and eating are not coordinated correctly, blood sugar levels rise or fall instead of being controlled. When you eat, the medicine should be taken at a certain time (about 30 minutes) prior to eating. If the timing is off, the medicine does not control the blood sugar when it peaks. So the result is unsteady (low or high) blood sugar, despite taking the medicine.  

Another reason medicine should be avoided if possible is that it is metabolized in the liver. While the medicine is metabolized, it makes the liver work harder than it already is.

Natural remedies for the liver and the pancreas support should be considered as they are the organs involved with blood sugar control.

The Best Treatment For Pre Diabetes is Eating Right and Being Active 

Eating the right foods for pre-diabetes can reverse high blood sugar and make it normal.  Beverages should be naturally low or no calories. Examples are hot and cold flavored herbal tea, fruit/vegetable infused water, seltzer, and the original v-8. Artificially sweetened diet beverages are ok if necessary. But, they are not ideal. 

Count carbs and eat between 40-75 grams of carbohydrates/day. Eat to feel full, not overstuffed with foods from the protein and fat group.  Learn more about a ketogenic lifestyle or specific foods that help long term blood sugar control.

Moving your body helps insulin naturally work better. Try strength, cardio and relaxation activities.  Daily activities such as gardening and housekeeping can also help to control pre-diabetes. 

Pre-Diabetes Wrap up

Pre-diabetes is a medical condition and should not be considered any less important than any other illness. Maintaining normal blood sugar consistently is a priority and can be accomplished by making lifestyle changes.

Most importantly, eat and drink food items that contain no, or very low amounts of carbohydrate.  This allows the liver and pancreas to rest and recover. Enjoy the activities and food you choose. By avoiding high amounts of carbohydrates that spike blood sugar will help keep blood sugar normal and treat pre-diabetes.   

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