Insulin Lurks As An Underlying Cause to Many of Your Health Concerns

The link between insulin, diabetes and breast cancer is not the only health concern we should worry about. Insulin’s association with the manifestation and prognosis of these risk factors and diseases has been shown time and time again:
1. colon cancer
2. prostate cancer
3. pancreatic cancer
4. breast cancer
5. diabetes
6. metabolic syndrome
7. obesity
8. high blood pressure (kidney damage)
9. congestive heart failure
10. high levels of triglycerides (liver damage)
11. low HDL (good) cholesterol (liver damage)
12. heart disease
13. high C-reactive protein levels (heart disease)
14. polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
15. inflammation
16. infertility
17. aging, common characteristics of those who live the longest include low normal values for:
• fasting insulin levels
• fasting glucose
• triglycerides
• body fat found around your organs, typically you carry weight around the mid-section of your body
High insulin levels affect children too! Here are risk factors associated with high insulin levels and diseases that are common in children who are overweight.
1. overweight
2. diabetes
3. metabolic syndrome
4. high homocysteine levels (a risk factor for heart disease and stroke)
5. high LDL (bad cholesterol)
6. non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
7. acanthosis nigricans (a brown or black velvety color to the skin).
If the information is out there, ever wonder why the smart guys making big money do not focus on this? Me too, the bottom line for early detection of the illnesses mentioned above is to speak with your doctor about checking insulin levels (fasting and after you eat along with a glucose tolerance test) at routine visits. Eat low carbohydrate/low glycemic foods that will help keep insulin levels low.

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