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Hallelujah Hormones Linked to Stubborn Fat

Yes! Yes! Yes!
For the many people who are slim or those who have successfully lost weight you may not be able to relate but there are thousands of dieters that have lost weight for various amounts of time only to regain the weight and then have to start all over (“chronic dieters”).
In my experience there are too many people who follow diets and do not get the results they work so hard to achieve. My book, “The Stubborn Fat Fix” describes how fixing underlying medical conditions may be the first step in successful long-term weight loss.
Now there is research showing that hormones may have more to do with regaining weight than maintaining the behavior change of reducing calories because these hormones make you hungry. No matter how many times you avoid your favorite indulgence, your body says feed me, “I’m hungry”.
Here’s a little snip it, http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504763_162-20126146-10391704/willpower-not-at-fault-in-failed-diets-what-hormone-study-says/, to keep your mouth-watering until my next blog when I go into the details.

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