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Fat is the best fat burning food. The more fat you eat, the more fat you burn. Of course, this is only true if you eat very little carbohydrates.

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What is The Best Fat Burning Food?  

We know what the key is to activate the best fat burning food.

When you eat a total of 30-50 grams of total carbohydrates for 2-3 days, your body starts to use the fat you eat to help you lose body fat.  So by controlling carbs, and eating more fat, you will see that the best fat burning foods are fats.

On a daily basis, it is healthy to eat more fat. Fat is part of a healthy lifestyle; as long as you control the amounts and types of carbohydrates you consume.

Fat Is A Healthy Food

Unfortunately, fat is feared. Fat is an essential nutrient that plays a supportive role in brain, nerve, bowel, hormonal and heart health.

Fat can also be used as the best fat burning food for weight loss.  

As you load up on fat-free products, you lose the health and weight advantages of eating the best fat burning foods.

Unhealthy fat foods are commercially created trans and hydrogenated fats

Which Fats Are The Best Fat Burning Foods?

Any naturally occurring fat, such as butter, is healthy. Fats that provide a nutritional benefit are also found in vegetable, dairy and protein foods.  

More healthy fat means better tasting eats and more of the best fat burning foods. Here are a few examples of a variety of the best fat burning foods to choose.

  1. Avocado– You may already know avocados contain fat. But, did you know Avocados are also higher in fiber than grains?  Avocados contain mannoheptulose.

          Mannoheptulose is a sugar linked to controlled insulin release and enhanced calcium absorption. Both calcium and fat can help lower insulin levels can                          contribute to fat loss.  

  1. Coconut-Coconut contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT) which speed up metabolism. One study, published in The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, shows that MCT oil promotes more weight and fat loss than olive oil.

         Coconut is a saturated fat and one of the best fat burning foods.  Olive oil is healthy. But, foods that contain MCT are better at burning fat.

  1. Greek yogurt-Full fat dairy may not contribute to weight gain as we may have once thought. In 11 out of 16 studies, high-fat dairy consumption was inversely related to weight gain and metabolic risk factors.

         The combination of fat and calcium may work synergistically.  Calcium has been linked to fueling fat loss and should be viewed as another best fat burning                   food option. Results from research done at the University of Tennessee show that dieters who ate three servings of yogurt a day lost 22% more weight, 61%                  more body fat and maintain lean muscle than the dieters who ate less calcium.

  1. Eggs- The real truth is that eggs are “eggs”ellent foods. Are you egg phobic? Read, “Egg Breakfast Enhances Weight Loss”. Participants eating eggs lowered body mass index (BMI) by 61%, lost 65% more weight, reduced waist circumference by 34% and achieved a 16% greater reduction in percent body fat over those who ate fat-free bagels.

     5. Chocolate- YES! YES! YES! Research suggests that those who eat chocolate twice a week and exercise an average of 3 times a week tend to be thinner.                          However, keep this warning in mind: Do not eat milk or dark chocolate that contains tons of sugar. I suggest eating one serving size of 90% dark cocoa                          chocolate that contains not more than 5-7 grams of carbs and sugar.

  1. Grass Fed BeefConjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a fatty acid linked to improved insulin function, fat loss, and lean muscle preservation.

         Grass-fed beef contains twice as much omega 3 and 3-5 times as much CLA than regular beef. So foods that contain CLA would be considered the best fat                       burning foods. Additional sources of CLA include turkey, lamb, buffalo, egg yolks and cottage cheese.

  1. Butter-Saturated fat is not as detrimental to health as once thought. Real butter, like grass-fed beef, contains CLA too. Butter is loaded with vitamins (vitamin A, D, E, K2) and minerals (selenium, iodine, manganese, chromium, zinc, copper);  much healthier than man-made margarine.

Best Fat Burning Food Wrap up

There are many Best Fat Burning Foods to choose from when carbohydrates are controlled.  Saturated fat (from butter and dairy, beef, chocolate, and coconut) and unsaturated fat are healthy foods that support good health and help weight loss.

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