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30 Tactics To Maneuver Holiday Humps and Bumps (Part 1)

Whether you are trying to lose weight or train for an athletic event, holidays, birthdays and “special” affairs can interfere with even the most dedicated dieters.  ‘Tis a 6-month season from October-February for parties, family and social events galore. Utilize this month to plan and get over holiday humps and bumps.
30 Tactics For Holiday Eating

  1. Honesty is the best policy. Plan a “stick to it strategy” be honest with yourself about your ability to “stick with it” despite temptation.
  2. Prioritize your “stick to it strategy” plan. It must be up front and center in your mind all the time. Never let your goal out of sight or mind.
  3. Create a practical plan. It is up to you. Will you stay the course? Will you strategize “cheats” that you can manage and maintain your weight? Will opt for weight maintenance until the spring?
  4. Enlist support. If you have supporters, you will feel more comfortable and less stress when eating with family or friends during meals.
  5. Stick to your guns. You must physically be able to control your actions. This is where numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 come together because unless you decide to control your actions, none of the above will work.
  6. Be Active. Never get too busy or lazy to stay active, especially during the coming months.
  7. Rest and de-stress.
  8. Pay attention to every little thing you put into your mouth.
  9. Convenience. Make healthy eating convenient. If it means eating salads from McDonald’s instead of French fries or keeping cut veggies in the fridge. Just do it. Make unhealthy eating as inconvenient as possible. Do not buy any food that is not on your plan, walk away from a cafeteria filled with junk and vending machines.
  10. Avoid hunger. Being hungry is the perfect excuse to eat what you shouldn’t.
  11. Daily motivation. What motivates you? A dress, a person. Identify what motivates you and get your daily dose no matter what.
  12. Just say, “No, thank you”. Practice avoiding foods or situations that you know are goal deterrents. Rehearse the scene in your mind. Practice saying, “No” out loud and in uncomfortable situations. You will prove to yourself it can be done.
  13. Enjoy the smell of flowers or any scent that may distract you from eating. Smells may be more satisfying than eating the actual food sometimes.
  14. It’s all about attitude. Positive attitude weighs heavily on success. You are not depriving yourself of anything but feeding yourself delicious foods you choose that will help you get what you really want.
  15. Choices, your choice to be honest with yourself, to maintain a positive attitude, to stick with the plan etc… will make or break this deal. Stick with choices that will help you attain your goals.

Start practicing these fifteen strategies now. There is no time to waste, the holidays are here. The next few months are filled with humps and bumps that will test your diet commitment and will power. Next week I will deliver the last 15 tactics.

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