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2012 Low Carb Cruise With Jimmy Moore and So Many Superstars

Carnival Freedom Cruise Ship, Katakolon, Greece

Carnival Freedom Cruise Ship, Katakolon, Greece (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WOW!!! The 2012 Low Carb Cruise was one of the best times I’ve ever had. I met so many great people from around the world. I believe there were about 250 people, all  with their own interesting stories.
The bond amongst people who didn’t know each other but typically get no support for their low carb food choices was eminent. Hey all, giving you a big shout out ’cause I’m missing you already as I am already swamped with daily life.
What made the cruise? It had everything. Good people, good food, lots of good times and the option to learn about healthy eating. Hats off to:
1. The hard work that Jimmy and his volunteers (Becky, Debbie, Sharon, Alisha…) put forth to ensure everyone had a good time.
2. The speakers,, were better than you can imagine. I’ve been in this business for over 15 years and I learned a few new things from a few new friends.
Dana Carpendar,, Andrew Dimino &Amy Dungen,, Norm Robillard,, Peter Ballerstadt,, Jeff Volek,, Tom Nikkola and Vanessa Romero (definitely check this link out),, congrats on the win guys… and so many others.
3. The attendees, I’m not sure how many I met but Bob and Shirley kept me laughing at the dinner table. Once I get organized I’ll send you a link so you can look up a couple of his murder mysteries! And of course, Laura Dolson,, my how time flies when you spend it speaking to someone with whom you enjoy! And of course, Laura Westman and Johann Eenfeldt, let’s keep making low carb cocktails!
One of the most funny parts of the trip was the roast. I’m still laughing Tom Naughton, and the not so funny but certainly one of the most infamous trips I’ve taken, “the low carb cruise controversy”,
I hope to stay in touch with everyone especially my roommate, Nikki, who had to put up with me for the entire week. Thanks Nikki!
Here’s to the  2012 “Unforgettable” Low Carb Cruise…

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