Unstable Blood Sugar/Diabetes Mellitus/Hypoglycemia

These are some of the symptoms consistent with unstable blood sugar, pre-diabetes, diabetes or hypoglycemia. The problem is that one hundred percent of carbohydrates are converted into glucose resulting in high blood sugar and high insulin levels. Controlling carbohydrate intake is the key to normalizing blood sugars and insulin levels. Type 2 diabetics who reduce carbohydrate intake can often decrease or eliminate the use of oral medications or insulin. Type 1 diabetics who lower carbohydrate intake can often help avoid large fluctuations in blood sugar. Because doses of insulin will need to be reduced, physician supervision is necessary.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, you will benefit from making an appointment with us.

1. Are you hungry 1-2 hours after meals?

2. Do you wake up at night to urinate?

3. Are you excessively hungry or thirsty?

4. Do you crave “sweets” or carbohydrates?

5. Does anyone in your family have diabetes?

6. Do you gain most of the weight in the stomach?

7. Do you feel faint or lightheaded if you miss a meal?

8. Do you have frequent mood swings?