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Things I Appreciate In a Good Conversation

Conversations happen all the time, good conversations are rare. As I thought about my week and what I wanted to blog about. I realized that my week was full of conversations with friends, family members and strangers who made me feel motivated and happy.
I’d like to pay it forward. Here are “Things I appreciate in a good conversation.”
1. Learning, there is so much to learn, even about things we may think we already know
2. Embracing new ideas and alternative concepts
3. Laughing  just cause its fun
4. Listening to different points of view
5.  Discussions about various topics, not just the same old routine talk we tend to fall into
6. Being able to speak my mind without worrying about offending anyone, those who know me know why this is important
What is it about conversations or communications that are most important to you?

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