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The Yo-Yo diet

The yo-yo diet does not get as much attention as it deserves. Personally, I believe it is much more popular than most realize. The yo-yo diet is actually the exact opposite of a diet. If you understand that “a diet” as described by is:  “Food and drink regularly consumed or  habitual nourishment.”
The yo-yo diet describes how most people diet and is the exact opposite of “habitual”. Cutting back on calories, carbs, junk food, etc… for a week or more and then going back to the same poor eating behaviors that caused the weight gain in the first place causes weight to go up and down like a yo-yo.
Think about what you eat and how you diet. If you are a weight loss diet connoisseur, you have tried every diet and cannot maintain weight loss you are likely a yo-yo dieter.
How many of you yo-yo dieters are out there? Please let me know, I’m curious. Before starting a diet, ask yourself if you will change your habits and eat foods you enjoy while keeping any deviations under control.
If you cannot find foods you like, other than desserts, snack foods, frozen dinners and fast food value meals you are likely to live life as a yo-yo dieter.  This is an emotionally rough roller coaster ride to have to live with and quite frankly may be more dangerous to your health than just maintaining a higher weight.
Make healthy foods a consistent part of your eating regimen.

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