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Sitting On The Low Carb Fence: A Comparison of Low Fat & Low Carb Diets

I am thrilled to share some exciting news. Nutrition in Clinical Practice just published a diet review paper that I co-authored,, entitled “Low-Carbohydrate Diet Review : Shifting the Paradigm”.  This paper brings attention to the results of both low-fat and low carb diet studies and compares their safety and effectiveness.

When comparing the results of low-fat and low carb diets, low -carbohydrate diets performed, as well as, or better than low-fat diets with regard to:

1. weight loss

2. cholesterol

3. blood sugar and insulin response

4. blood pressure

5. other markers for cardiovascular risk

These results were true for healthy participants and those who had metabolic and other health-related disorders.

Lowering carbohydrate consumption has been shown to support metabolic and hormonal balance and increase feelings of satiety.

There is more than enough research on low-carbohydrate diets to make it a viable option for practitioners to utilize to help patients and clients address weight and health goals without having to turn to risky medications and surgery.

Despite this, the government did not include any of these low carbohydrate studies prior to making their recommendations to the public in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans . REALLY?! Yeah, it’s true. Check this out,  The Metabolism Society has an article appearing in the journal, Nutrition, “calling the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee to task for failing to consider recent scientific evidence in support of low carbohydrate diets,”

 It is time to embrace low-carbohydrate diets as a viable option to aid in reversing diabetes mellitus, risk factors for heart disease, and the epidemic of obesity.

Would greatly appreciate any feedback on this topic. Thank you!

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