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Fabulous Father's Day

Fathers' Day (film)

Fathers’ Day (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the mere fact that most holidays center around food. I always like to broaden the meaning of the holiday so that there is more of an appreciation for a day of thanks than just food.
The history of Father’s Day dates back to the early 1900’s. The third Sunday in June is dedicated to showing our gratitude to all the dads who work hard and are committed to their families. President Calvin Coolidge  helped create this tradition to “establish more intimate relations between fathers and their children and to impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations.” In 1972 president Richard Nixon signed a law making Father’s Day a national holiday.

Quick Facts for Father’s Day

 In the US, in 2011 there were…

·         about 70.1 million fathers

·         24.7 million were raising children less than 18 years of age and 21% of these dads had 3 or more kids

·         1.7 million fathers were single

·         176,000 dads stayed at home and were primary care givers while their wives stayed in the workforce

On Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day, it’s nice to have a BBQ and fill up on your favorite fare but be aware that the day is a day of appreciation and not an excuse to stuff your face.
You can show your “favorite” dad appreciation by:

  • giving him a massage
  • taking over his chores for the day
  • organizing his closet
  • telling him you care and how much you love him
  • sharing a bear hug
  • watch a favorite movie

You know your “dad” the best, make it count. Think of something personal that will mean something to both you and him. It will last a lifetime instead of the short time it takes to eat a meal.
Dads work hard and deserve a day to relax, play and be recognized for all they do. Celebrate family, celebrate life, celebrate DADDY DAY!

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