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Chill Through the Summer Heat! Valerie Berkowitz,RD-author

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Moms, it has already been a long hot summer. The usual summer schedule chaos is aggrevated by the super hot temperatures. What can you do to ease up this stress and still have fun in the sun – or at least outdoors? Or maybe this is an indoor summer. Chill. Tune in and listen to Valerie Berkowitz’ answers. She is a mother of four young ones, she works as an RD and is an author of a great weight loss book. Lots to learn from Valerie in just 30 minutes. Friday, 7/22, at Noon EDT or iTunes (Better Food Choices)… for the health of your family, ellen

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Valerie Goldstein

Valerie raises the bar for health and nutrition know how with unconventional expertise and unconditional support for wellness.