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Capturing the Fountain of Youth

The secrets of staying young and healthy will not come in a pill, a cream or a special diet. Most likely your genetic make-up will determine how you age. However, living a healthy lifestyle will stack the odds in your favor.
Eating a balanced diet, filled with vegetables and “real” g-d made food while limiting commercially processed foods will give your body the nutrients it needs to function at its best. Nutritional supplements should be based on the individuals need but my belief is that everyone should take a multivitamin, DHA (fish oil) and calcium with Vitamin D, magnesium and boron.
Staying active including weight bearing and breathing exercises will help ensure muscle mass, bone strength (see my previous blog, We All May Have The Potential to Capture The Fountain of Youth!) and that adequate oxygen gets to your cells.
Supporting collagen production will help your skin look its best and reduce wrinkles. There are a few things that have been known to help form collagen, amino acids (proline, lysine, and glycine), vitamin C, horsetail, rose-hip and marigold. I suggest speaking with your doctor about any supplementation you may consider, including the ones mentioned in the first bullet under eating a balanced diet. That said I have been using a great product, ANTI-AGING 3™ Collagen powder,, it seems to have good research that supports the ingredients used and they claim that it helps “activate the body’s own mechanisms to continue producing collagen at any age”. It’s about $4.00/serving and only 100 calories. I will put my credentials on the line and say that this product is a healthier product than any of Nabisco’s 100 calorie snack packs!
Have you tried to capture the Fountain of Youth? Please share your ideas.

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