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 Clear 10 Common Summer Weight Loss Hurdles

Last week we discussed 10 Common Summer Weight Loss Hurdles that sabotage your summer weight loss plan. But this summer, we are prepared to help you clear these hurdles and get you the weight loss you deserve. Identifying the weight loss hurdles is the first step to overcoming summer weight loss challenges. The second step is to find ways around and over the hurdles.

You may want to think of your own strategies but here are 10 suggestions to get yourself over the hurdles to maintain weight loss momentum during the summer.

  1. Drink Beverages Without Calories

Zero calorie beverages options can help you get your sexy back.  Select water with added fresh fruit and vegetable slices (cherries, pineapple, orange, mint, and cucumber),  flavored seltzer, fresh brewed iced tea with lemon.

  1. Avoid Added Extras

When foods or beverages are made with multiple ingredients, it’s hard to keep track of calories, fats or carbohydrates. Stick with the basics, avoid added extras. Condiments and items used in food preparation like mayo, cream, bread crumbs, ketchup are a big part of summer weight loss hurdles.

  1. Account For Special Summer Treats

The summer is only 8 weeks long. Keep a note of your summer treats. Eating too many “summer specials” add up to a high hurdle impairing your weight loss efforts.

  1. Have a Plan B For Eating Occasions

No doubt the days are longer during the summer months. Social gatherings make for long days and cozy moonlit nights. It’s also a perfect opportunity to eat and drink more, so don’t!  Think about what you are eating before you eat it. Put plan B into place and follow the plan strictly.

  1. Make a Plan B For Exercise Too

The weather, if it’s too hot, humid or cold, can put a damper on exercise. Always have a plan B for exercise too. What’s yours? The gym, walking the mall, walking up and down the stairs or jump rope in your home. Think about it and execute your plan B.

  1. Watch Out for Summer Snacks

Many summer snacks and beverages are loaded with salt, sugar, and fat. Watch out for funnel cakes, margaritas, ices just to name a few typical summer foods that will quickly demolish your diet. Before you indulge, ask yourself:


  • Do I really need to drink this after drinking last night?
  • Can I share this with one or more people?
  • Is this going to quench my need to consume this food or will it make me yearn for more?
  • How will I feel after I eat this and how will it affect my goal(s)?
  • Can I make changes in my daily routine to offset what I’m about to eat?
  1. Make The Most Of Your Vacations

Taking a vacation may upset your healthy routine but only if you let it. Stick to scheduled eating times. Enjoy local fare and indulge for one meal a day. Stay on plan the rest of the time.

  1. Eat Healthy While Traveling

Traveling makes it more difficult to make good food choices, really why? If McDonald’s has salads and healthier options, you can eat anywhere. Making healthy choices can be easy, just follow my “rule-of-thumb.” Balance your meals with protein and green vegetables in the food you choose. The travel bug can puts blinders on your eyes, making it difficult to see all the healthy options that are available.

  1. Don’t sit on the beach all day

While it may be enticing to sit on the beach all day, it’s not the way to burn calories. You can work on your tan; just get up and walk in the sand or the boardwalk. Take a ten to twenty-minute walk for every hour you are lying on the beach.

Play volleyball or get involved in digging/making castles in the sand. You might also consider getting up a little earlier and going to the gym before you trek to the beach. This earns you the right to relax later.

  1. Balance Your Social Life

Schedule social events so that you still have time to focus on your health. If you have to show up fashionably late to incorporate exercise into your day, why not take the time? Cut the extras from your diet a week before a big social event.

These are easy things you can control without giving up your goals and You can balance your social life and clear the hurdles that block your path to weight loss success.


Clearing Summer Weight Loss Hurdles Wrap Up

Set yourself up for successful summer weight loss. Summer should be fun and as long as you make small mindful behavior changes you can avoid feeling the pain of gain!

Drink and eat but make choices that include healthier alternatives. Hit the beach. Go on vacation. Schedule social events. Take advantage of all the summer has to offer. Just don’t fall. Jump over summer sabotage hurdles and continue to lose weight.


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