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 Clear 10 Common Summer Weight Loss Hurdles

Last week we discussed 10 Common Summer Weight Loss Hurdles that sabotage your summer weight loss plan. But this summer, we are prepared to help you clear these hurdles and get you the weight loss you deserve. Identifying the...

10 Summer Hurdles Contribute to Weight Loss Sabotage

10 Hurdles That Contribute to Summer Weight Loss Sabotage (Part1) Summer sabotage situations are common and are hurdles to your quest for summer weight loss. While you want to enjoy the summer season, make plans to minimize...

7 Top Sizzling Summer Drinks

Hot summer days call for tall and tasty drinks. In the summer months,  whether you are thirsty or not, your body requires more fluids to keep cool and replenish water and electrolytes lost through sweat. Sipping on Summer Drinks...

Drinking Alcohol On A Keto Diet

When you want to include diet as part of a practical lifestyle, alcohol can be part of the plan. Yes, you can drink alcohol on a keto diet. However, you should know that alcohol is metabolized like a carbohydrate. So, keep in...

10 Summer & Memorial Day Keto BBQ Recipes

Memorial Day History On May 5th, 1866, the citizens of Waterloo, New York closed businesses and decorated the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers and flags marking the first Decoration Day. Over one hundred and fifty years...

How To Keto

While everyone has a different budget and different health needs, I suggest you pick and modify the items that are best for you.

24 Savvy Tips To Budget Food Costs Now

Shop ’til you drop is what I always say.  Grocery shopping is no exception to this rule. Foods shopping can get costly.  These 24 food shopping tips can help you stay within a food budget. 

Eat Saturated Fat

Have you been brain washed into avoiding certain healthy fatty foods (or components of foods such as egg yolks)? Learn how to eat well.