Valerie’s Voice: For The Health Of It

10 Surprising Superfoods That Also Taste Amazing

What makes a “superfood” so super, anyway? Well, sometimes it has more to do with the super-powered marketing team behind the product than the food itself. Here is our list of top 10 superfoods to work into your diet today.

The Facts About Nutrition Labels

Are you a label reader? If not, you should be. Read the label before you eat. Learn how to read a label to improve your food choices.

7 Best Anti-Aging Secret

Find out which 7 best anti aging factors influence longevity. Only twenty to thirty percent of longevity relies on genetics. However, the Spanish National Cancer Research Center and the Kuakinni Medical Center in Honolulu have...

Seven TKO (Total Knock Out) Healthy Eating Tips

 Focus and use these healthy eating tips to win the war on weight loss. Five pounds or five hundred pounds, it does not matter. Battling the bulge (big or small) is not easy. Take immediate action to start eating healthy using...

WTE on a Healthy Balanced Diet?

There are so many different nutrition philosophies out there, so much confusion about what is healthy, and, not so healthy to eat and way too much controversy on what really is the "perfect" diet. So, here's a little secret for...

 Clear 10 Common Summer Weight Loss Hurdles

Last week we discussed 10 Common Summer Weight Loss Hurdles that sabotage your summer weight loss plan. But this summer, we are prepared to help you clear these hurdles and get you the weight loss you deserve. Identifying the...