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What is the Difference Between 20g and 50g of Protein?

What is the difference between 50 and 20 grams of protein? The simple and obvious answer is 30 grams. But Heather Leidy has a more interesting answer... But has a much more detailed and interesting answer.

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Stay Committed to Weight-Loss Goals

It's that time of year, Halloween kicks off the steady flow of candy, desserts and holiday fare that lasts a minimum of 6 months. Your commitment to controlled eating and exercise MUST begin now, .

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For All The Soda Drinkers (Part II)

You might find it interesting to understand how soda can affect you and why it is important to understand the foods and ingredients you put into your body. You miss the boat if you only pay attention to calories, fat or...

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For all the Soda Drinkers (Part I)

In the U.S., soda is the most popular beverage around. How could you go wrong with soda? Read more to find out about the origins, birth and current ingredients in soda.

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Smart Carb Eating

Eating the right food is not always easy, especially when there is so much controversy amongst the experts on which foods are actually better choices. All carbs are not created equal and all fats are not created equal. My hope is...

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Diet Comparisons: High, Moderate and Low Carbohydrate

I thought you might be interested in the differences between low fat and low carb diets and just where your nutrition pattern falls within any of these plans. Read on to find out how the diets compare. You just may be surprised...

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Exercise and Low Carb Diets: An Oldy But Goody

Many of us understand the importance of eating right and exercise. I get a lot of questions relating to exercise and eating less carbs. The reason is because it is popular belief that carbohydrate foods are "the most important"...

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Getting Kids On The Right Track To Eating Healthy (Continued)

Are you involved with setting a good example for kids and their healthy eating practices? Schools and supermarkets are starting to see the value in supporting healthy eating choices. It helps create a strong community spirit and...

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